Additional Leave Configuration

Additional Leave Configuration

Additional Leave Configuration: 

  • Credit on Pro-Rata basis: If you enable this configuration, you can decide from when leave will be calculated.
  • Probation Status: If Pro-Rata is No, then immaterial of when the employee joins he/she can avail leaves for the entire leave cycle.
  • Mid joining Leaves:  If each employee is entitled to 12 leaves in a year (1 leave per month) and you check the Mid-month joining leaves box, an employee who joins after 15th of a month will be entitled to only 0.5 leave for that month. If unchecked the employee gets none if he joins post mid-month.
  • Credit on accrual basis: If you enable this option, you can control how the leaves are divided and credited during the leave cycle.
  • Allow Half day: Employees will be able to apply for half day leaves if yes is selected.
  • Encash leaves while F&F: If yes is selected, employees will be able to encash all unused leaves during Full and Final settlement.
  • Count intervening holidays/weekly offs as leaves: If yes is selected, the holidays or week offs that fall in between leaves will also count as leaves.
  • Can employee apply leaves prefixed or suffixed to Holidays and Weekly offs: If yes is selected, employee can apply for leaves preceding or succeeding holidays and week offs.
  • Allow Past dated leave applications: Enabling this configuration allows employee s to submit past dated leave applications.
  • Can employees club this leave with any other leave: Enabling this configuration will allow employees to club this leave with other leaves.
  • Can employees apply for more than their available leave balance: This allows employees to apply for leaves even after exhausting their allocated leaves. According to the options selected the extra leaves will either be counted as unpaid leaves or can be deducted from other leaves that the employee may have (privilege, casual leave etc)

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