Custom Workflow Basics

Custom Workflow Basics

Custom Workflows consist of two types of flows:  
  1. Business Flow 
  2. ‚ÄčEvent Based 

Business Flow: business flows are triggered when concerned with changes in records or when there is a change in information related to the employee. Examples include Work anniversaries, Birthdays, Date of Joining, etc.

Event Based: event-based workflows are triggered when there is an actual change being recorded in the system. Examples include Manager Change, Location Change, Transfer, etc.

What is the difference between Approval Flow and Workflow?

Approval Flow: an approval flow is configured when the approval of certain people is required for an event to be triggered. These are more widely used in cases of event-based workflows. Default users include employee, L1 manager, L2 manager, HoD, Admin, employee direct HRBP. Forms, and any other types of fields can be tagged against every stage.

Note: Approval Flow is always in series, cannot be a parallel process.

Workflow: workflow can be configured when tasks are to be triggered to certain users. Workflows can be used for both Business flows and Event based workflows. Default users include employee, L1 manager, L2 manager, HoD, Admin, employee direct HRBP.

Approval flow can be made to be both a series and a parallel process.  Workflow also consists of Trigger points, which needs to be configured, if workflow needs to be triggered only on a certain date.

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