Custom Workflow Settings

Custom Workflow Settings

Create Form

In this tab, the admin can create forms for different steps in a custom workflow. Field type is selected depending on the workflow; this form can be tagged to a workflow, which is configured next.

Create Workflow

Create stages for workflow and define action that needs to be triggered during the stage. Forms that have been created can be tagged to stages in the workflow. For a workflow to be set in series, check the box ‘Workflow in Series’.

Create Approval Flow

In this tab, the admin can create a flow of approval that will happen in a custom workflow. Select the approver group and tag actions to every stage of approval.

Create Custom Flow

Select the event for which custom workflow is being configured and add workflow and approval flow specific to it. Applicability can be restricted at every level of the organization.

Choose the type of trigger- manual/automatic, initiator of the workflow, and the initiator form.

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