Darwinbox Release Notes - 3.9

Darwinbox Release Notes - 3.9

Darwinbox Release Notes - Version 3.9

Darwinbox Release Notes for Version 3.9

18th October 2019

Enhancements to Core

  1. Additions to custom roster

With release 3.9, below fields have been added to custom roster. 

  1. L2 Manager
  2. Performance Manager
  3. Department hierarchy

Path (Admin): Reports > Custom roster


Apart from this, Employee ID field is also made part of default selection along with First name and Last Name for all new reports.

  1. Assignments based on Location type

With release 3.9, assignments can be done based on location type.

Path (Admin): Settings > Company > User assignments > Create/Edit user assignment


  1. Multi-currency conversion

With release 3.9, we support currency conversion for certain fields in custom roster, Extra payments reports and Future extra payments reports.

To set up currency conversion, we must set up conversion factors in currency conversion table 

Path (Admin): Settings > Company > Currency conversion



a. Please add actual conversion factors in the table i.e. for example, if Base currency is Rupee and we are adding conversion factor for 

i. Dollar, then conversion factor is 0.014 assuming 1$=71.6 INR and
ii. Indonesian Rupee, then conversion factor is 198.07 assuming 1INR = 198.07IDR

Along with this, we also need to enter the From Date and To date for which this conversion is applicable. We cannot set up two currency conversion for the same period.


b. To set base currency, please reach out to your account manager 

Once setup, currency conversion can be done for 

  1. Fixed CTC, Variable CTC, Total CTC in custom roster – New fields with extra text indicating ‘in Base currency’ has been added to all fields to highlight converted values as shown below

Path (Admin): Reports > Custom roster


Once selected, we need to select the Date as on which we need the conversion to happen -


  1. Amount in Extra payments and Future extra payments reports

In both reports, there is an extra field added called Amount (in base currency) which will always reflect the converted value.

Path (Admin): Reports > Payroll rosters > Extra payments & Future extra payments reports


Note: The converted amount will show as ‘N.A’ if there is no conversion configuration available for the date selected.

  1. Enhancements to Form dashboard

With release 3.9, apart from monthly reports, custom date range can also be selected to download reports from Forms dashboard

Path (Admin): Reports > Forms Dashboard


Apart from this, only active forms can be selected by selecting ‘Active form only’ option beside select event.


  1. HRBP can be mandatory

With release 3.9, HRBP can be made mandatory at employee level. Once enabled, HRBP will be mandatory to add while adding an employee from New Hire and Employee import.


Note: To enable this feature, please reach out to your account manager

  1. Comments for Termination

With release 3.9, Admin can enter comments while terminating the employee.

Path (Admin): Directory > Bulk actions > Deactivate employee


Same thing can be observed while terminating an employee from separation page of the employee.

Termination comments can only be view via. Custom roster

Path (Admin): Reports > Custom roster


  1. Admin separation reason

With release 3.9, Admin separation reason will not be auto filled based on employee separation reason and will have to be filled by Admin for completion of task.

Path (Admin): Profile > Employee Life cycle > Separation


  1. Event and Sub Event in Custom WF report

With release 3.9, Event and sub event details have been added to Completed approval flows reports.

Path (Admin): Reports > Employee Roster > Completed approval flows


Enhancements to Time Management

  1. CheckIN Report

With release 3.9, employees checkINs can be downloaded in a report.

Path (Admin): Reports > Attendance rosters > CheckIN summary


  1. CheckIN assignment at the time of hiring

With release 3.9, CheckIN assignment can be done from New Hire page along with other attendance assignments.

Path (Admin): Employees > Directory > New Hire > Step 2 (Enable checkIN)


  1. Enhancements to One view

With release 3.9, one view has been enhanced to have below functionalities –

  1. Select Date to directly display the selected week (chosen date)


  1. Add employee directly to one view with preselecting them from Directory or Reportees page


Additionally, one view of an employee can also be accessed directly from employee page


  1. Bulk rostering from front end

We can select multiple days of different employees and update shift and weekly off accordingly in one go.


  1. Two half day leaves

With this enhancement, we can apply different leaves for first half and second half of a day in one go.

Unlike before, two separate halves are shown, and leaves can be applied by manager for respective halves.

  1. Pending requests in attendance page

Pending attendance requests for an employee can also be see on respective employee page now for quick access.

Upon click, it will show all pending requests in one popup which will redirect to respective request page

Like this, pending request status in one view can also be clicked from one view to check the request in the page itself.

  1. Easy access to reportees attendance page

With release 3.9, Manager can access one reportee’s attendance page from other reportee’s attendance page using the dropdown option


Enhancements to Performance

  1. Option to import MSF Questions

With release 3.9, Admin can import MSF questions tagging the respective competencies, skills and general questions. 

  1. Achievement mapping in goal details report 

With release 3.9 achievement mapping tagged against each goal will be in available as a new column in the goal details report. 

  1. Achievement Scales Import 

With release 3.9 import option has been provided for creation of achievement scales. 

Note: For all the above-mentioned points kindly contact your account managers for accessing the import files.

  1. Enhanced Performance Manager Functionality 

With release 3. 9 , We have introduced a tenant level setting which enables only performance manager (If assigned) to take actions on the assigned performance reportees. 


  1. By enabling this setting if an employee has a performance manager the tasks and emails are directed to only the performance manager. No emails or tasks are triggered to the L1 manager 
  2. All the actions, reviews will be done by performance manager only.
  3. Employees assigned with performance manager will not be visible under the L1 manager’s performance reportee dashboard nor the L1 manager can access the employee’s appraisal page. These reportees performance data can be viewed only in the reports available on the My reportees dashboard.
  4. To enable this feature, please reach out to your account manager

Enhancements to Payroll

A. FORM 12B  

A salaried individual, who joins a new Company in the middle of the Financial Year, is required to submit Form 12b that has the income details of his previous employer.

Form 12b needs to be submitted to the new/current Employer. It can be filled based on Form 16 and Salary Slips issued by the Previous Employer. Below are the details that need to be furnished while submitting form 12b along with the previous Employer details, TAN number / PAN Number. 

Previous employer income can be update in Compensation – Form 12B. 

Form Admin can upload the bulk data followed by the link 

Settings – Import -- Form 12B – Upload. 

Templates available in upload file, below we have provided the sample screenshots showing the step by process of Uploading Form 12 B income as an Employer/Admin user

Import Format of Previous income details – Form 12 B:

Form12 B Option will be available only for the employees Joined in Mid of Financial Year.

All the Mandatory fields to be updated to consider Previous income of employee,

Versions of the Form12b can be seen as the number of times it has been submitted

By Click on the version the same can be viewed with details.

As soon as the entries are saved the same will be considered for tax calculation in tax sheet display,

Form12 B Mid-Exit:

When an employee exit from an organization the Form 12B Mid exit report can be downloaded from the system based on the income after Exemption, PF, PT and TDS as per IT Rule, The same can be downloaded only for the employees left from the organization in mid of FY.

Form 12B Mid exit will be available only after Processing of the settlement,

Below are the two reports that was available to get the details of Form12B Submitted details,

Form 12B Mid Joinee Report

Employee Number

Employee Name

Joining Date

Previous Gross Salary

Previous PF

Previous PT Amount

Previous TDS Amount




Form 12B Mid Exit Report format for your reference

Employee Number

Employee Name

Employee PAN

TAN of the employer

PAN of the employer

Date of Joining

Date of Exit

Total gross salary

Provident Fund

Professional Tax

Tax Deducted Till Date





B. Categories in Advance and deductions just like Extra Payments

In addition to existing categories (Regular,VPF,NPS, MEDICLAIM), this enhancement let’s clients choose their own deduction categories. Created deduction category component name will come separately in salary register. 

 Create Deduction category by User

Create another section called Deduction Categories where multiple deduction categories can be created as explained below

  • Deduction Category name
  • Deduction Category Description
  • Deduction category Status - Active/ Inactive - With action to toggle
  • Only a component that is currently not active can be moved to inactive status - Active/ Inactive
  • Only a component that was never used/ no records exist can be deleted

Adding categories in front-end


Created deduction categories will appear under Profile -> Compensation -> Loan & Advances/ Extra Deductions -> Create Advances -> Deduction Type drop down

  • Only currently active categories to appear 
  • Inactive categories does not appear

Adding categories in imports

And the upload file is the existing upload file only. Update the deduction category name as what we created. 

Salary Register Roster

Current Advance column to be removed or renamed as Advance details and additional columns to get added for active/ inactive advances like extra payments


There is no change in reports as already available in below. 

Reports – payroll roster – Advance Deduction Monthly Report

Reports – payroll roster – Advance Deduction Report 

Enhancements to Rewards & Recognition

A. Integration with Redemption Portal

Enabling the Integration

Redemption portal is an online marketplace where employees can redeem the points that they have received from others.

For enabling the integration of redemption portal, the client needs to inform their Implementation Consultant/Account Manager.

When the integration is enabled, the employees will see a “Redeem” button on the Overview page in the Rewards and Recognition module.

When they click on the “Redeem” button, they will be redirected and automatically signed on to the redemption portal.

(Overview page in Rewards and Recognition module)

(Redemption Portal)

Importing Redeemed Points

Import of redeem points is required to update the “Redeemed Points” balance, if the redemption of points takes place offline.

For e.g., the organisation is running point-based R&R programs but wants to give gifts to employees in-person based on the number of points they have received.

(Reward Points Redemption Import)

(Format of Reward Points Redemption Import)

The format of Rewards Points Redemption Import is as follows -

Field Title

Field Description

Employee ID

Maintained on Darwinbox.

Transaction ID

Automatically sourced from the redemption portal, if the transaction is carried out there. In case of import, the admin can put any alpha-numeric value as the transaction ID.


Source is where the redemption of points has taken place. It will be auto-populated if the redemption has taken place on the portal. In case of import, the admin can mention the source.

Redemption Amount

This is the number of points that have been redeemed.


Any additional comments for future reference.

The “Date of Redemption” will be auto-populated on the basis of the date of import.

Understanding the Redemption Statement

After getting logged on to the marketplace, an employee can redeem their points by buying something.

When the purchase takes place, the redemption portal will send back the following data to Darwinbox, which gets populated in Redemption Statement (Recognition → Redemption Statement) -

  • Date of Redemption
  • Transaction ID
  • Redeemed Points
  • Source

Based on the total number of points redeemed, the “Redeemed Points” balance on the Overview page also gets updated.

(Redemption Statement in the Left Profile Navigation)

(Redemption Statement)

(Redeemed Points Balance)

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