How to add branding images to the Candidate login (admin)

How to add branding images to the Candidate login (admin)

Create Employer Brand Settings

Before You Begin

Ensure that you create the required group companies to which the Employer Brand Settings are applicable.


Ensure that you have the required permissions and Admin role to manage Employer Brand Settings.


To create Brand Settings:

1.          In your Darwinbox instance, switch to Admin Mode.

2.          Under Recruitment, click Employer Brand Settings.


                The Employer Brand Settings page displays.

3.          Click Create Brand Settings.


                The Add Employer Brand Setting page displays.


4.          In the Employer Brand Settings Name field, enter the brand setting name.

5.          In the Applicable To dropdown, select the company to which the brand setting is applicable.

6.          Under Banner Image, click Upload Attachment.

                The folder from the local system displays.

7.          Select an image from the system, and click Open.

                The uploaded image displays under New Uploads.

8.          To add more images, click Add Image.


9.          Under TERMS AND CONDITIONS FILE FOR CANDIDATE PORTAL, click Choose File to upload the terms and conditions file in PDF format.

10.      Click Save.


The Brand Setting is created.

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