How to post a job?

How to post a job?

Job Posting Flow

There are 3 stages for a job status:

  • Open: job is open to receive applications.
  • Draft: requisition has been raised but job is not active.
  • Archived: job has been archived until further notice.

Draft Jobs:

Active Jobs:



In the Jobs section, the hiring lead will be able to see all the job openings that have been assigned to him by the admin. On the upper right side of the page, the hiring lead will be able to see three options, namely ExportAdd Job Openings and View Careers Website


On clicking the Export option, a spreadsheet containing various parameters will be downloaded to the system. It contains options like Hiring Lead, Job code, Band, Grade, etc.

View Careers Website

On clicking the View Careers Website option, the user will be redirected to the careers page of the company where the hiring lead will be able to view the openings available. This is the page that can be accessed by outsiders who are looking to apply to the jobs.

Add Job Opening

There are four phases to adding a job opening, Job PostingJob ApplicationHiring Workflow, and Hiring Team.

Job Posting

Note: Approved requisitions will flow into Draft jobs; Hiring lead will then act on the job and activate the position.

Here, the hiring lead should derive job description for the job and fields will be auto populated, but the hiring lead can edit all the respective fields.

A position consists of multiple stages:

  • Open: open to receive applications.
  • Draft: position yet to be activated.
  • Archived: position has been archived.
  • Selected: candidate has been selected to the position.
  • Filled: position has been filled by candidate.

Every position can be activated and tagged to a specific Hiring Lead or the position can remain in draft status.

Position Status summary:

Hiring Workflow

Hiring Workflow is the flow of hiring designed by the admin through which a candidate must pass in order to get recruited. All stages, except for the first and last stages (as they are compulsory) can be edited and deleted depending on the job opening. Assessment templates can be changed by clicking on the edit button on the workflow stage (as seen in the picture below). More rounds can be added by using the Add Round option. Hiring Workflow can be also be configured through the Admin settings (Path: Settings->Recruitment->Hiring Workflow). A Hiring Lead can also choose to select if interviews can be done in parallel or series by checking the radio button on the right.

Note: Any changes to Hiring Workflow for a job which has candidates, will only change for future applicants and not existing applicants.

The default hiring workflow can be setup in the admin settings [Path: Switch to admin -> Settings -> Recruitment -> Hiring Workflow] [refer to Pg.30]

Hiring Team

In this stage, the Hiring Lead can create teams for Shortlisting, Screening, Scheduling and Hiring. Employees can be added and removed as per the job opening. The Hiring Lead can also add a different Hiring Lead which then triggers a notification to be sent to both the Hiring Lead and the Admin. There is also a checkbox at the bottom, checking which the interviewer can view the candidate‚Äôs complete hiring flow. Click the Post button to post the job on various portals.

Share Opening

The Job-Sharing page consists of two options-

  1. Ask Co-Workers for Referrals or IJP:  The Hiring Lead can choose to make the opening available to existing employees for an internal movement or to get referrals from employees. An email will be sent to all employees or a single/multiple department can be chosen. The Preview button can be chosen to preview the email which will be sent to the employees.
  2. Share with Recruiters: Job opening can be shared with external recruiters; these settings can be accessed by the admin through the Admin settings (Path: Settings->Recruitment->Recruiters->Assign Job to recruiter)
  3. Share Job on Social Networks: Job can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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