Create Leave Policies

Create Leave Policies

Manage Leave Policies

Admin can view all the leave policies present across the company and can choose to enable or disable the policy. Edit option is present across the policies, which enables admins to edit and make changes.

Add Leave Policy will enable admin to create a new policy.

Create Leave Policy

This tab encloses all the options required to create leave policies. Additional configuration can be made, which is optional.

IMP: Policy can be created in two ways:

  • Company wise
  • User assignment wise

Company-wise: Policy will be created per group company.

Assignment wise: Policy will be created according to assignment frameworks created under Company settings. [Path: Admin -> Settings -> Company ->User Assignment]

  1. Select Group Company
  2. Enter the maximum number of leaves allowed per year 
  3. Enter the leave type
  4. Enter the gender applicability 
  5. Enter the number of days prior notice must be given to apply the leave, an employee cannot generate a leave request after the mentioned days in Prior Notice.
  6. Enter Probation Period before Leave Validity. The Employee will see the Leave balance as 0 until the probation period ends for the leave type.
    Custom Months – Enter the number of months before which he sees the leaves as 0 According to employee probation period – The employee will see leaves as 0, till his probation period is over
  7. Enter the maximum number of leaves allowed per month. If the value is set to zero, it is taken as unlimited.
  8. Enter the Consecutive Leaves allowed per month. If the value is set to zero, it is taken as unlimited. Also, this should be less than or equal to Maximum Leaves allowed per month.
  9. Select the Leave Cycle.
  10. Check or uncheck the checkbox for “Don’t allow these leaves in Notice Period”. 
  11. Enter Maximum Number of leave which can be accrued 
  12. Check or Uncheck the checkbox for “Push all these leave Requests to Admin”. If the checkbox is checked, the Admin will get the leave request, even if he is not the manager of the employee who applied the leave.
  13. Restrict to Week Days: Select the days if you want the Employees to apply the leave on certain days of the week.
  14. Restrictions: You can restrict the availability of a leave type to certain departments, employee types, office locations or Location Type.
  15. Set approval flow: can be configured in Company settings.
  16. Select forms, if needed. These forms can be configured in workflow settings.

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