Leaves View

Leaves View

View Leave Balance

Employees can check their leave balance to date. Leaves are categorized by type. Clicking on any leave type will display the policy tagged to the leave.

Employees can also view their leave history by clicking the View button.

Download option is present for the employee to download his/her leave history segregated by month.

Download transactions allows employees to download transaction details of leaves that he/she has taken.

Compensatory Off Credit List

By clicking on Compensatory off credit list, employees can check their comp off balance. Expiry details, status of the leave, policy details, etc. are all displayed across the leave.


Open list of holidays to view the holidays allotted for the year.

Optional Holidays List

Optional holidays allotted to the employees may be viewed by opening the Optional holiday list.

Note: Holidays can be made optional/mandatory in Holiday settings. [Path: Admin -> Settings -> Leaves -> Holidays]

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