Onboarding Review and BGV

Onboarding Review and BGV

Pending with Candidate

All onboarding applications which are still deemed incomplete on the employee side are displayed under Pending with Candidate tab.

Pending with Reviewer

All Onboarding applications completed by the employee and are pending for review with the admin can be viewed in this tab.

BGV Dashboard

Once BGV is enabled, they get to view Candidate’s application which they will then verify.

BGV Vendor Mail

An email will be sent to the BGV when a candidate is onboarded.

BGV Verification

BGV then must verify every field that has been filled by the candidate. He/she can either approve or decline the inputs of the candidate.

Onboarding Verification

Reviewer/Admin can choose to approve or decline the application post review. Admin can reject information in certain fields and send it back to candidate.

Onboarding Tasks

All pending onboarding tasks can be viewed under the tasks tab. These are determined in the Onboarding Workflow in Admin settings.

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