Candidate Shortlisting

Candidate Shortlisting

Shortlisting Flow

By clicking Done on the previous page, the user will be directed to a page as seen in the image below.

There are a variety of options on the page which can be viewed by the Lead.

  1. Eye icon: allows the Hiring Lead to view the job opening on the careers page.
  2. Edit icon allows the Hiring Lead to edit the job opening through all four stages.
  3. Share icon: Allows to share the job on various portals.
  4. Open/Archive option: Allows user to choose whether the job can be open or can be archived.
  5. First section displays the number of profiles that have applied for the job.
  6. Second section displays the number of profiles active at shortlisting and screening stage, user can filter further by clicking the filter icon on the box.
  7. Third section displays the number of profiles whose process is still ongoing, user can filter further by clicking the filter icon on the box, allowing them to filter by the number of stages completed.

  1. Fourth section displays the number of profiles hired for the opening, can be further filtered to check number of candidates to whom offer has been made, accepted, rejected and withdrawn.
  2. Fifth section displays the number of profiles rejected for the opening, can be further filtered to check number of candidates rejected pre and post screening and candidates on hold.
  3. Add Candidates: Hiring Lead can choose to add candidates from various sources ex: job portals, recruiters, etc. and can also choose various portals to add from.

A parser that exists within the system will be able to parse and extract data from the uploaded CVs. Details like First name, Last name, Skills, Education details, etc will be parsed and added to the job application.

  1. Bulk Action:  Actions (move a candidate to different stages in the same opening, moving candidate to another opening, deleting the candidate) can be used on multiple candidates at once by using this option.

Candidate Screening

By clicking the profile of the candidates in screening phase, the Hiring Lead or the screening team can view the resume and application details of the candidate. They are also presented with a Reject and Shortlist options, which the interviewer should choose between.

Tags: Custom tags can be placed on candidate which can be further used to filter the candidates based on tags that have been assigned to him/her. 

Note: Tags can be created through Admin settings [Path: switch to Admin -> Settings -> Recruitment ->Candidate Decisioning/Tags].

Candidate Scheduling

After a candidate has been screened, their profile can be accessed through the Process Ongoing tab on the Job Opening page. The Hiring manager can view the status of every stage, date of completion, ratings and remarks provided by the interviewer. The user can then decide to schedule the next stages of the interview by accessing the calendar. By clicking the Schedule button, the hiring manager can choose to schedule the interview, add interviewers, and send the candidate a message. 

Calendar scheduling can be enabled through Recruitment settings [Path: Switch to admin -> Settings -> Recruitment -> Settings -> Recruitment calendar settings]. Interviews can be scheduled in sync with the calendar of the Hiring Manager and an automatic reminder is sent to the interviewer informing him/her of the schedule. Details like location, time and additional interviewers can be added in the Scheduling page.

Candidate Evaluation

Interviewers can evaluate the interview process and rate the candidate based on their competencies. The evaluation form can be created through the admin settings by accessing Evaluation Forms [Path: Switch to admin -> Settings -> Recruitment -> Evaluation Forms]. 

The interviewer receives a task on his/her dashboard under Requests and Tasks -> Recruitment Tasks. Acting on the task will lead to the Evaluation form. These ratings can be viewed by the Hiring Lead.

After the candidate passes through all stages of the hiring workflow, they may be moved into the offer letter stage, wherein the candidate receives a formal offer from the company. 

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