Unpaid Leave, Holidays and Leave Settings

Unpaid Leave, Holidays and Leave Settings

Unpaid Leave

Unpaid leave settings can be made according to group company level. Options are present to enable half-day leaves, past dated leaves, etc. Applicability of the leave can be restricted to department, grade, band, employee type, location etc.

  1. Select the group company
  2. Enable or disable unpaid leave policy
  3. Enter a name for the unpaid leaves
  4. Check the option for counting intervening holidays/weekly offs as leaves
  5. Allow past dated leaves and you can set how many days post the leave an employee can apply for a past dated leave.
  6. Enter Maximum number of days post leave
  7. Select yes or no to allow half day leaves
  8. Checkbox if you want to push request to admin
  9. Pick who this is applicable for: set restrictions by department, employee type, location type, etc.


Holidays can be added to the list of holidays via this setting. Name of the holiday and date are to be added. Checkbox is present, enabling which the holiday can be repeated every year.

The holiday can be made optional or mandatory. Also, the holiday can be restricted to certain locations, if necessary.


Leave history table can be displayed Financial year wise or Calendar wise. Approval level enables admin to select the approval stages a leave must pass through to get approved.

Multiple settings are present which enable the admins to make further changes and modifications in the leave settings.

  1. Under Refresh cycle for displaying Leave history table, choose how to display the leave history table: Calendar-wise (To display employee leaves in a calendar year), Financial-wise (To display employee leaves in a financial year)
  2. If a copy of the leave requests should always be forwarded to certain users, you can enter the names of the recipients under Always send CC to.

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