Workflow Basics

Workflow Basics

Workflow Scope

Separation Flow

Confirmation Flow

Workflow Permissions

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    • Custom Workflow Basics

      Scope Custom Workflows consist of two types of flows: Business Flow Event Based  Business Flow: business flows are triggered when concerned with changes in records or when there is a change in information related to the employee. Examples include ...
    • Custom Workflow Settings

      Create Form In this tab, the admin can create forms for different steps in a custom workflow. Field type is selected depending on the workflow; this form can be tagged to a workflow, which is configured next. Create Workflow Create stages for ...
    • How to create a workflow

      Create Form Create forms related to Workflows. Select field type for every field. Checkboxes are available to make a field mandatory, to add line breaks. Create Workflow Create workflow allows user to create workflow for three instances- separation, ...
    • Onboarding Workflow, Documents and BGV Settings

      Create and Manage Workflow Workflows can be created to trigger tasks to Managers and Admins as a part of Onboarding. Notifications will be received in Tasks. BGV Vendor Settings Details of background verification vendors can be added and edited using ...
    • Candidate Tags, Archive Position, Job Portals, Evaluation Forms, Hiring Workflow, Auto Job ID

      Candidate Decisioning/Tags Various tags can be created which can be used to assign to a candidate during the hiring workflow. When a tag is assigned to the candidate, a reason is sent to him/her explaining the reason why it has been assigned.  Admin ...